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VAROSYS is leading regional system integrator and consulting, built with passion and creativity, meant to deliver a range of services that leverage the latest tools & technologies to different sizes of businesses.

We are providing the ever-evolving corporate world with IT services including Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and more.

Our approach focuses on evaluating and analysing the organization’s business needs, before designing and deploying our digital transformation solutions, covering such aspects as people, processes, technology, governance, data and analytics.

We started in 2019 and we have offices in UAE, KSA, Jordan and Egypt.

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AI & Machine Learning

Develop AI-enabled solutions considered as a method-based, data-driven projects, That’s why we take the right approach to ensuring the design, development, and implementation of AI and Machine learning solutions across all of your products and services by combining the power of analytics and automation.

We look at the big picture for your business growth and future aspirations to deliver AI and ML solutions that are competitive, reliable, and achieve results.

Our AI and ML capabilities

Data Engineering

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Data Science

Image Processing

Deep Learning

Text Processing

Artificial Neural Networks

Recommendation System

Our Approach

Engagement Stage

We adopt a robust, iterative, Agile method called the Cognitive Project Management for AI (CPMAI) methodology,

which incorporates best-practices agile approaches for short, iterative sprints for projects and serves as a solid

AI Project guideline to run your AI and machine learning projects.

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48 Burj Gate, 5th floor, Office no. 5031 , Downtown Dubai UAE

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